9 March – 2 April 2023

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Photography, Identity, Gender, surrealism.

The exhibition contains 42 giclee prints made of Cahun’s original photographic self-portraits.

Born Lucy Schwob, she adopted the pseudonym in 1917 to free herself from the narrow confines of gender. At the beginning of her career, she was aligned to the Surrealist movement and was friends with André Breton; however she distanced herself both politically and physically after fleeing France on the eve of Nazi occupation.

Cahun settled in Jersey where she embarked upon her defining photographic series, in which the subversion of traditional portraiture and the constructed nature of identity and gender are pressing concerns. In these now famous images, Cahun anticipated the performative work of contemporary artists such as Cindy Sherman.

This Hayward Touring exhibition is in collaboration with Jersey Heritage and was first presented at the Women of the World Festival 2015, Southbank Centre.

Workshops & Events:


Queer Expression – Self Portrait Photography Workshop

Explore queer expression through persona building and self-portraiture, inspired by the work of Claude Cahun.

This workshop is led by writer Cerian Wilshere-Davies and photographer Kate Woodward.

 Sat 31st March 2023 1-4pm

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An Audience with… S.P.A.F Collective

A special screening of new work by S.P.A.F Collective followed by an artist talk.

S.P.A.F exists in the crossroads between absurdism and genuine human compassion. Making artwork that provokes, titillates, repulses, disturbs and inspires the masses through the subversion of pop culture and  recognizable iconography, often with a politically-minded approach.

Friday 31st March – 6pm
The Turner House
The Turner House