4th – 28th April 2024

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The South Wales Art Society showcase.

Founded amidst Cardiff’s industrial revolution in the early 1880s, the South Wales Art Society emerged from a small group of amateur and professional artists, convening to discuss and practise painting. Formally established on 2 February 1888 as “The South Wales Art Society and Sketching Club”, the organization experienced an impressive start, with 122 members and patrons joining on its inaugural occasion. By the end of that year, the membership had surged to 277, including 27 patrons. Notably, Edwin Seward, one of the founding members, also served as the architect behind the creation of The Turner House Gallery.

Throughout its rich history, the society has consistently captivated audiences with exhibitions showcasing artistic expression, from the masterpieces of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema RA to the contemporary talents of today. Each brushstroke serves as a testament to the enduring power of creativity.

Today, the South Wales Art Society returns to its spiritual home at The Turner House Gallery, embracing innovation while honouring tradition.

The aims of the South Wales Art Society are to encourage and advance art in South Wales by the promotion of demonstrations, talks, classes, workshops, critiques, gallery visits and exhibitions.

The Society has a membership of both amateur and professional artists, and others who simply enjoy art. They employ a broad spectrum of media including watercolour, oil, pastel, acrylic and sculpture. Interests range from traditional imagery to abstract and computer-based artwork.

The Turner House
The Turner House