14 September – 15 October 2023

  • fading reverie by bill bone
  • gorse 2023 embroidery on cotton 79x53 vladimir guculak
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  • lewisbrymner trails
  • beth holloway 3
  • land of my fathers making my way back edited
  • belin louise turner house
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  • dorryspikes upheaval oilonboard
  • journey of discovery
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The Turner House Open Exhibition is a major open-entry art exhibition celebrating the creative talent from those living in Penarth and beyond.

Throughout September – October 2023 The Turner House walls will be filled with work from over 100 artists, selected by a panel of representatives from The National Museum of Wales and Penarth Town Council.

Including work by those who may already identify as artists and those who might not, The Turner House Open Exhibition brings together a diverse range of artwork including paintings, prints, photography, video, sculpture, textile more.

In its third year, the exhibition centers on the theme of ‘Trails’: Exploring how we navigate the land and embark on personal journeys. The concept encompasses Trails through time, ventures into the road less taken, unearthing Forgotten Treasures, and embracing Journeys of the senses.

Selected Artists:

Adele Giles, Alan Rees-Baynes, Alison Mott, Amy Davies, Andrew Hardwick, Angela Rogers, Ann Bridges, Anya Ward, Athena Jones, Beth Holloway, Bettie Heckford, Bill Bone, Billy Kang, Blythe Cheung, Bonnie Gibbons, Brian Marsh, Carys Trace, Cheryl Brown, Christopher James, CJ Glyn Jones, Claire Elizabeth Jackson, Clare Stephens, Corinna Nicoll, Dalia Elghazawy, Daniel Staveley, David Newman, Dianne Murphy, Dilys Jackson, Dorry Spikes, Emma-Jayne Holmes, Evangeline Morris, Ffion Evans, Frances Woodley, Gawain Barnard, Ginette Mitchell, Haf Weighton, Haley Craw, Heather Parnell, Henrietta MacPhee, Inga Krik, Iona Weighton, Irene Callaghan, Iuliia Shulga, Jackson Mount, Jake Quinlan, James Daniel, James Evans, Jamie Lawrence, Jan Bennett, Jana Nikolovska, Janet Blackman, Jason Rouse, Jaydan Alexander, Jenny Marshall, Jez Pennington, Jilly Hicks, João Saramago, Judith Sturm, Julie Steed, Karen Briscombe, Karina Geddes, Katharine Richards, Ksenia Kudelkina, Larissa Guida Lock, Lesley Dearn, Lewis Brymner, Liz Mallen, Lois Standish, Louise Belin, Lucia Jones, Maddie Webb, Madeleine Fox, Mandy Nash, Mariana Zentella Tusie, Martine Brown, Melanie Alexander, Melanie Wotton, Mia Pedwell, Michelle Chick, Mike Servini, Milagros Canduelas Rios, Molly Grad, Nadia Doratiotto, Nadine Rawlins, Nicola Davies, Nigel Whitbread, Paddy Faulkner, Pascal-Michel Dubois, Pauli Bertholon, Penny Lloyd, rachel Phillips, Rey Hope, Richard  Richard, ROCIO Bucheli, Rosie Merriman, Rowan Vuglar, Sam Clements, Sam Emm, Sarah Featherstone, Sarah Vines, Sean Kisby, Shannon Haswell, Simon M Smith, sue pilborough, Sue Shields, Sue Trusler, Susan Stevens-Jenkins, Tara Jones, Terence Powling, Thomas Larkin, Tiffany Howe, Tracey  McMaster, Tracey Paddison, Vladimir Guculak, Woody, Gloria & Basil Stuckey.

The Turner House